Arrabal Neighborhood
Narrow streets, small squares, traditional houses meet us.

Under the protection of the monastery, the Arrabal district is born, where we will discover narrow streets, small squares and traditional houses with 'patin' that come out to meet us.

The Arrabal neighbourhood grew up under the protection of the monastery. This neighbourhood is one of the most attractive parts of the parish of Santa María de Oia. Its central street, today called Vicente López, used to be the obligatory crossing point for the road. In its current state, it still conserves several interesting buildings, which reflect traditional Galician architecture, especially the houses restored for catering services and the façade of the parish rectory.

At the beginning of the street, the original town hall can be identified by its plaque. Built in 1875, it currently serves as the local tourist office.

The small Plaza Centinela (Sentinel Square) stands out, an ideal vantage point over the port and the monastery, whose name recalls in its toponymy the role of watchtower that this place played in the face of enemy attacks. It preserves an interesting transept, which shows its date of construction in 1764 and its donor. At its base there is a singular representation of the souls in purgatory.

From the stone balustrade of the square, at low tide, the remains of the stone dyke that completely closed off the inlet with the help of a sluice gate are visible. This traditional construction, known as "A Camboa", was used as a fishing system by the monks of the monastery themselves.

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